Production Coordination, Italy

Secret Mission Pontifex – The Vatican in the Cold War”, 2014

(TV stations: arte, rbb, BR, ORF)

Director: Jan Peter - Script: Jan Peter and Yury Winterberg

Nowhere else in the world was the density of spies from all power blocs as high as within the Vatican. Even the East German Stasi placed one of their top agents in the entourage of Pope John Paul II. The documentary "Secret Mission Pontifex" tries to cast light on a hitherto untold chapter of eastern bloc espionage in the Vatican during the Cold War.

Projects that you can follow from scratch are the most interesting: Paroliamo had already assisted the scriptwriters Jan Peter and Yury Winterberg in their archive research in Rome’s top-security Rebibbia prison and in preliminary talks with interviewees. In 2014 several film shoots were carried out in Italy. Paroliamo handled the location scouting, arranged filming permits and interpreted the Italian interviews into German.

Broadcast on ARTE on 

29 September 2015 from 21.50-22:45 (Part 1)

29 September 2015 from 22:45-23-40 (Part 2)

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Production Coordination, Rome

”Go Trabi Go Forever“, 2015 (MDR/RBB)

Director: Jana von Rautenberg

The film "Go Trabi Go" hit German cinemas in 1990 and has since become a legend. Twenty-five years later, a documentary team accompanies the protagonist, Wolfgang Stumph, on a trip back to Italy. The documentary is a retrospective on the German cult movie. Paroliamo organized the filming in Rome for the friendly Berlin crew supporting Stumph in July 2015.

Broadcasting: Broadcast on MDR, 28 September 2015, 10:05 pm 

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Location Management

The Lost Paradise - Arvo Pärt, 2015 (WDR, ERR)

Director: Günter Atteln

The Lost Paradise is the first international documentary about the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt and will be broadcast on the occasion of his 80th birthday, September 11, 2015. Arvo Pärt joined the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council in February 2015 and Accentus Music recorded his visit to Rome on film. A special surprise for the crew was the opportunity to join Maestro Arvo Pärt at his private audience with Pope Francis on 7 February 2015.

Broadcast on ARTE on 29 September 2015, 9.50 pm

DVD information, released by Accentus Music

Documentary Producer

A Celebration of Peace Through Music, 2014-2015 (APT/WETA)

Director: Janos Darvas

A Celebration of Peace Through Music is a special televized concert under the baton of American conductor, Sir Gilbert Levine. It was held in Washington, D.C. on May 5, 2014. The concert features the Kraków Philharmonic Choir, the Orchestra of St. Luke’s and the Washington Choral Arts Society. The concert celebrates the canonizations of Saints John XXII and John Paul II. Paroliamo worked on this project as a documentary producer on behalf of the Executive Producer, Pax Per Musicam Foundation, coordinating the filming in Kraków, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Buenos Aires and Washington.

Broadcasting: May 2015 (USA)

Local Producer

Sizzling at the Hot Spot: Europe under the Magnifying Glass, 2014 (TV stations: ZDFinfo)

Director: Barbara Luzi

The documentary “Sizzling at the Hot Spot” [Brutzeln am Brennpunkt] is about two chefs with a mission. They travel across Europe to find out how people eat, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. Not only do they come across unusual and strange dishes; they also meet people who represent aspects of EU policy. Initially Paroliamo’s task was plain and ordinary production organization. But sometimes the best plans go awry and everything turns out not quite as expected. On the filming trip to Sicily and Lampedusa,  the primary requirement was to respond to unforeseeable events: a ferry docks with refugees on board and does not sail away again; an airport closed on Lampedusa; a scooter accident involving the lead actors… much turned out to be different, but the result was still an excellent film. Adventure on Lampedusa!

Broadcasting: 23 May 2014

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Floor Management for a music production

amarcord - The Book of Madrigals, 2013 (ZDF/arte)

Director: Günter Atteln

In "The Book of Madrigals" amarcord, an 'a cappella' ensemble, presents magnificent compositions from the European Renaissance. In the splendid Villa Godi, the first villa ever built by Renaissance star architect Andrea Palladio, and also known as a set for Visconti's film "Senso", they recorded a great variety of songs by Dowland, Lassus, Gabrieli, Gesualdo, Josquin and many others. Paroliamo assisted this production as floor manager and interpreter.

Broadcasting: 20 July 2014

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Line Producer

Project: Founts of Youth of the World [Jungbrunnen der Welt] - Campodimele, Italy, 2013 (ZDF, arte)

Director: Yousif Al-Chalabi

Description: Eternal youth has always been one of humanity’s dreams. And people in a very few regions of the world do seem to possess the recipe for it. The five-part documentary series searches for an answer in. some very different places. One stop is the village of Campodimele in Lazio.
Broadcasting: 30 July 2014, 6.25 pm

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